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"The idea to feature sisters came to me while I was reading Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. The intention of this page is not to brag about any sister because we all contribute in our own ways to the sorority. However, I want to highlight sisters that have inspired other sisters to achieve great things or have influenced the course of our sorority’s development...

One hundred years from now, when our sorority will celebrate its achievements, the younger generation will wonder about the many sisters that have came before them and the stories that have shaped our sorority. I want to leave this legacy for them by preserving our history and narrating the individuals that have influenced our sorority...

~ Anna Zheng, Beta Chapter



Welcome to the official Swan Blog! We wanted this blog to encompass every aspect of our sisters. We want to capture the stories of sisters reminiscing about their time in our sorority as well as highlighting alumnae life in our sisterhood. 

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