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Sister Spotlight: Christine Nguyen

Christine "Genovia" Nguyen

Christine Nguyen is an amazing sister from Delta Colony. She is kind and is always there for you when you need her. She has also contributed a lot to the sorority with her time an effort since Fall 2011. Delta Colony wants to take the time to congratulate her on being accepted into a public health/epidemiology internship with UTSA in Guadalajara, Mexico this summer. We know that she will do great and have fun with this great experience.

What you like best about ASR?

Christine: I crossed into this amazing sisterhood in Fall 2011 and now it is Spring 2016. What I love most about Alpha Sigma Rho is seeing how far this sorority has come, where Delta Colony and ASR was when I first crossed and where it is now. In Fall 2011 Delta Colony was still underground but 2.5 years ago we became an active member of UTSA's Multicultural Greek Council. Just this past Fall Zeta Colony was added to our ASR family and this family is still expanding. Also what I especially love about ASR is the crossing of new sisters every semester gaining littles, grand littles, great-grand littles, etc. As well as seeing pictures of new sisters from other chapters. With each new sister it means even more wonderful memories that I will gain. Memories that will make me smile, laugh, and feel happy.

How have you grown through ASR?

Christine: I was very quiet and introverted when I first crossed. I am not saying now I am this social butterfly, but I have definitely opened up a great as result of being a part of ASR. I have become a stronger person and the experience I have gained holding various positions and currently being president of Delta Colony has helped me grow as a person and will hopefully continue to help me with my life after I graduate.

What opportunities do you hope to gain through your internship?

Christine: What I hope to gain from this internship is to see firsthand Public Health at a global scale. To experience what public health in like, outside of the United States, in Guadalajara, Mexico. I also hope this internship will help me learn to understand and speak Spanish. A skill that will help me with a career in public health after I graduate.


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