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TOP 5 Convention Locations

The 2015 ASR Convention may be over, but don’t be too sad if you weren't able to make it this year because 2016 Convention will be right around the corner. If you’ve heard the rumors you’ll know that a destination convention is in our future! For those of you who don’t know, a destination convention occurs in a location where there is no host ASR chapter. This allows for endless possibilities! National Board will be taking votes on a potential destination so I hope this post helps get the creative juices flowing.

1. New York City

Come to me, sisters!! I’m definitely biased towards the Big Apple since its my home and I want to show it off to all my sisters, but the main reason why this would such a cool convention spot is that there’s something here for everyone! The word boredom doesn’t exist here as there are so many different things to do. Imagine doing sisterhood bonding activities in Central Park, taking a walk along the Brooklyn Bridge, eating a classy dinner at the famed Sex and the City restaurant Buddakan, posing for pictures in Times Square, and clubbing at Lavo nightclub all under the bright lights of the city that never sleeps. Another plus? No driving or cars are needed since the subway is super convenient!

2. Chicago

Let’s paint the Windy City red! And who wouldn't want to eat a deliciously cheesy deep dish Chicago pizza? Those upside down pizzas should be the #1 reason why convention should be in Chicago (spoken like the true foodie I am)! Chicago could be the perfect convention location because it has just the right balance of big city (um awesome nightlife), beautiful scenery (Lake Michigan), and cultural activities (museums and parks for days). I would love to bond with my sisters in one of those clear boxes that are at the top of the Willis Tower!

3. San Francisco

Just 4 words. Biggest Chinatown in America. Isn’t that already enough to convince you?? As an Asian interest sorority and lovers of bubble tea, we should head to San Fran to explore our roots (and eat yummy dim sum). Sisters could take those cute trolleys to and from events and even taste a huge chocolate sundae from Ghirardelli Square! California is so far from any existing ASR chapter so convention here would feel like a mini vacation and allow sisters to truly get to know one another in a foreign environment. I mean, who else is there to depend on in Cali besides your sisters?

4. Miami

Yayyy for cute bikinis, fun in the sun, and icy cold margaritas while on the beach!! Miami is for sure the hangout spot for summer and since our convention is usually around the end of summer, this would be the best location ever. This would be a relaxing environment for sisters to spend quality time with each other while soaking up Vitamin D and partying it up under the beautiful weather. What better way is there to kick off another year of sisterhood than to spend it playing in the smooth sand and cooling waves with the girls who will always have your back?

5. Washington DC

Convenient transportation, tons of free tourist attractions, and iconic meeting spots place our nation’s capital on my top 5 list. The main issue with destination conventions is that many sisters are not old enough to rent cars, so having a subway system in place taking us from one place to another is definitely a plus. Add to the fact that sisters could form everlasting bonds while the Lincoln Memorial serves as a backdrop and you have an ideal convention location. DC also has an exciting nightlife that ranges from 18+ dance clubs to fancy bars. Let’s explore America’s capital while meeting new sisters and reuniting with older ones!

Voting for a convention location will begin soon so stay tuned for more details! See yall at convention!


Princess K

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