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Sister Spotlight: Khyler Larkin

Crossing into Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority in Fall ‘17, Khyler "Xpresso" Larkinhas exerted above and beyond efforts in bettering the organization, internally and externally. She is Delta Chapter’s current Vice President External and has spread ASR’s reputation across campus, furthering relationships with greek organizations in different councils: the Interfraternal Council, the National Panhellenic Council, and even non-greek organizations that share our Asian Awareness pillars, such as Vietnamese Student Organization and Filipino Student Organization.

In just one semester of her term as VPX, we as an organization, have been invited to a record amount of events and have been recognized by more organizations than ever before. As a sister of a small organization at the University of Texas at San Antonio, she has helped spread our name and reputation by creating mixers to bond with more outside organizations. Khyler also encouraged ASR sisters to bond with each other and to represent our letters with pride.

We, the Delta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Rho, have grown together to represent a united front. Not only to the outside university and potential new members, but we have also united within each other, thanks to Khyler Larkin. She is the embodiment of Strength in Unity, our sorority’s valued motto.

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