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Sister Spotlight: Melissa Turcios

As the oldest active member of Alpha Sigma Rho, Delta Chapter, Melissa “Vivacious” Turcios has been holding down the fort ever since she crossed in Fall ‘14. There has been sisters that has come and pass, but a staple who has stayed through thick and thin has been Melissa, who through her dedication to Alpha Sigma Rho and supportive leadership became president in Fall ‘15. Ever since then, things have never looked better.

It’s so impressive how Melissa manages to be head honcho, Alumni chair and still juggle her academics as a Digital and Media Communications major and multiple jobs. Talk about academic excellence! No matter what, she always down to lend a helping hand for a task big or small. She’s there to lend a ear or even something simple like a pencil. She always encourages teamwork and communication within active house to facilitate Delta Chapter working together as a smooth well oiled machine. Everything, this semester especially, was possible through Melissa’s constant encouragement and guidance and all the sisters have since grown more individually as people and most importantly, as sisters together.

We cannot imagine Delta Chapter’s Alpha Sigma Rho without the very glue that holds everything and everyone together, Melissa “Vivacious” Turcios. Thank you for all the hard work, leadership, and organization in guiding active house into being the best sisterhood any girl can ever ask for!

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