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Sister Spotlight: Yuri Kim

Our Sister’s Spotlight goes to Yuri Kim!

Yuri “Intrépide” Kim is undoubtedly one of the most active sisters that we have had since she crossed in Fall 16. She’s currently on our executive board as Sergeant of Arms. From winning best Junior Active during the Sp17 semester to our new member educator for the Fa17 semester, Yuri had shown an immense amount of growth in such a short period of time. She played a significant role in planning Beta Chapter’s first-ever probate. Yuri also held several positions such as Rush and Sisterhood chair. She showed her creative side by coming up with rush themes and coordinating events. She’s also the sister behind all the birthday surprises that we had. Yuri always goes above and beyond in everything that she does for ASR. She can be seen everywhere whether it’s internal event or external event.

A few fun facts about Yuri is she was a golf captain during her high school days. You can spot her playing golf when she’s back home in her spare times. Yuri’s from a border city called Laredo in Texas. Yuri is currently a second-year majoring in psychology at UT Austin. She’s very passionate about helping people and aspires to become an clinical psychologist. Her life goal is to work at the United Nations as an ambassador.

Why did you join ASR?

“I joined ASR mostly because of my big, Aimy. Aimy gave me a sense of her being a good role model for me. I wanted a change where someone could be my mentor and when I talked to her even though it was our first time meeting and I might have never joined, she was genuinely giving me advice and I really wanted it. Later, when I met all of the sisters during general meeting, they were very welcoming and gave me a different perspective on sororities”

How have you grown through ASR?

“What I grew most out of ASR is having leadership, taking the initiative to do more for the organization. I learned to be responsible for the tasks given, and strengthen my self-motivation. I became better at time management and prioritizing things to balance out my life. Last but not least, I learned how to trust and support one another for various issues.”

We are so thankful and proud to have a sister that’s so dedicated and passionate like Yuri. We can’t wait to see more of her contributions to Beta chapter in the future!

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