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Sister Spotlight: Adrienne Capulong

Our very own California girl, Adrienne “Eclipse” Capulong, who is now a third year Occupational Therapy major and is also the lovely President and Fundraising and Philanthropy chair of Zeta Colony. Being the first ever President of the newly established Zeta Colony at Towson University, it has been a hard but rewarding experience but she has been able to take each day in stride and has helped so much in getting our colony to grow. She has contributed so much time and effort into everything that we do and we are forever grateful for all that she has done and sacrificed to make sure we are all on point!

She is very creative and it shows since in her free time she enjoys playing the guitar, piano, drawing and trying out new types of food. Most important of all, she enjoys going out for coffee. She is the coffee queen!

Why did you decide to join ASR?

I joined ASR because I wanted to start something great and bring something new to the table at Towson.

What is your favorite part of being in ASR?

My favorite part about being in ASR is just growing and learning to do so many things I didn't before and with great sisters.

We all can’t wait to see what else Adrienne has in store for us come next semester and throughout the years with ASR! We are proud of everything that she has done and her drive and determination is an inspiration to us all!

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