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Sister Spotlight: Teresa Tran

Alpha Chapter’s Sister of the Month goes to Teresa “Marvel” Tran.

Teresa is currently a senior at the University of Georgia and will be graduating this upcoming spring.

Since she crossed in Fall of 2014, Teresa has done a wide variety of things that have contributed to our sisterhood and made it great. Not only is she a double major in microbiology and statistics, she is also very active at the University of Georgia’s Vietnamese Student Association where she will be performing in their most popular event of the year, Night of Saigon!

Highlighting some of her major accomplishments this past year, she created a brand-new website for Alpha Chapter on wix (, as well as planned many external events with other organizations as EVP. Some of those big events include our first joint new member reveal with our brother fraternity, Xi Kappa, in the fall of 2016, and our ATL college mixer that raised more than $1000. She also planned our 2017 Cultural Fusion in the spring, percentage night, and seminar during our philanthropy week.

This year, Teresa is serving as our president and during the month of October, we attended our annual sisterhood retreat at the GA National Fair in Perry, GA which she had planned. Her family graciously hosted our entire active house for the weekend where we feasted, had fun, and celebrated Teresa’s birthday! Another one of Teresa’s major accomplishments this year is that she has recently brought back Calla Lily. Calla lily is our fall new member presentation, and we have not been able to have one since Fall 2014, so it was a huge event for us and it turned out amazing.

Thank you, Teresa, for all your contributions to our sorority!

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