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President's Welcome

Hello sisters, family, and friends.

Welcome to the official website of Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority. Here, you will get a sense of understanding for Alpha Sigma Rho. It provides information regarding our sorority, sisters, and services we bring to our universities and communities. Please feel free to reach out to me if you are interested in additional information or if you have any questions about Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority.

I am honored to be serving as the president of National Board. As I adapt and fulfill such great responsibilities in this role, I welcome any suggestions and constructive criticisms to build a better and stronger sisterhood. We have a great team on National Board this year who are dedicated to bringing new growth and opportunity to this amazing sorority.

Sisters, thank you for all that you have done for Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority. Your hard work and devotion to our sisterhood is the driving force for our continuous success since 1998. I foresee nothing less than a bright future for us this year.

Yours truly,

Nhung Ha

National Board President 2015-2017

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