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Sisterhood Continues

Edited by: Linda Lam (Epsilon Chapter)

I never imagined being in a sorority much less an Asian-interest one. However, here I am, an alumna of Beta chapter, rituals chair for national board and devoted sister of Alpha Sigma Rho. My journey through rushing and becoming a sister of ASR was fun and interesting, but what happened after I graduated is sensational in my opinion.

I didn't get a lot of time as an active sister of ASR because I became a sister when I started my 4th year in college and I graduated 3 semesters after. It worked out well for me though because it made me cherish every moment of being an active sister. After graduation, I felt almost short-changed because a lot of my sisters were still active (including my big) and would not graduate for another 1-2 years. I had to find a way to still be a part of the wonderful sisterhood that gave me so much in such short time. I decided to apply for a National Board chair. As rituals chair on National Board, I get to work with the members of National Board and my fellow alumni sisters. However, in the summer of 2013, the amazing story of what I like to call "Sisterhood Continued" was what kept me at awe with this sisterhood.

I planned a trip to New York with my cousin for 6 days. A couple of weeks before flying out, I decided to message an alumni sister from Epsilon Chapter who lives in New York and another sister from the same chapter who lives in Philadelphia. I wasn't sure if either would be able to make some time to meet up while I was in town. Linda Lam, my sister from Philadelphia, not only altered her work schedule and bought a bus ticket to New York, she came prepared with brunch reservations, dinner, and drinks plans and best of all, the welcoming and loving arms of a sister. I was pleasantly surprised at how hospitable and just absolutely wonderful Linda was to my cousin and I during our trip to NYC. Another great surprise came from my sister Nina Wong, whom lives in Queens. Again, not only was she so hospitable, welcoming, and accommodating to my cousin and I (she even sent me a 3 page list of restaurant suggestions in the city). She insisted on taking us out to dinner and showing us a great time even with her busy, New York-executive schedule.

This little story doesn't even begin to outline how truly thankful I am to have sisters. My cousin was truly astonished because she could not believe that someone who is "just a member of my college club" could be so welcoming and sweet. She got to witness true sisterhood from people who were practically strangers to her.

Believe it when we say "anything for a sister" or "once a sister, always a sister." I always did, but never could imagine getting this type of welcoming spirit from sisters who live across the country.

Well, I leave you with a full heart and a little shout out to some of the sisters who made my stay in New York that much better:

Nina Wong - Epsilon Chapter

Linda Lam - Epsilon Chapter

Ashley Chen - Alpha Chapter

Lynn Huang - Epsilon Chapter

Hang Tran - Epsilon Chapter

Love you girls and know that you always have a place to stay in Texas if you ever decide to visit!!

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