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Passing the Presidential Baton

Wow, time sure flies when you are working hard and having fun! Those two things sum up my tenure as President for National board and truly has been a blessing. I couldn’t have done it without the support of my vice president Linda, now your current president! Before I hand the baton to Linda let me introduce you to the stronger woman behind every president- there’s some saying like that right?? ( I think it “goes behind every strong man (let’s go with president) there is an even stronger woman (Linda) hehe)

I first met Linda on a random trip I took to visit my Temple lil Britnie, at the time Linda was her roommate and before even speaking to me she offered me her bed to sleep in since Brit and I were sleeping in her tiny bed. I mean who does that?!?! My first impression of her was her selfless act. Telling me I could sleep in her bed because she could find someplace else to sleep; I don’t think any of us would have thought of that if we were in her situation. If yall don’t know her yet, that pretty much sums up the person Linda is. She has one of the biggest hearts, always putting others needs before her own and going above and beyond what is asked of her.

Of the countless years I have known her; most of my favorite ASR memories involve her somehow. Recently during this past convention, I experienced what partying in Philly was like; it entails -5 days straight, up till’ 4am every night, singing your lungs out and drinking to make sure your liver is functioning properly( thank goodness mine was that weekend). She is a wonderful listener, gives great advice and knows how to have a fun time. She takes cares of those she loves (let me be honest, if it wasn’t for her, this past convention I would have been phoneless, money-less and possibly blind (I thought I lost my glasses)- am I just that irresponsible???) and prioritizes the things most dear to her and our sorority is at the top.

I have no doubt that under her leadership our sorority and national board will reach heights we have never seen before. She has a fire and passion burning in her and I know she is ready to unleash its potential. Please help me welcome Linda to her new home and show her the love she has already shown us.

So now I call all of you to bombard her with your questions, issues, complaints, general inquiries and etc LOL. J/K!

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