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MY ASR Story

I never thought, when I went to college, that I would join a sorority because I knew nothing about Greek life. But here I am, an official sister for Alpha Chapter, Alpha Sigma Rho Inc. I got through everything thanks to my big, Tania Pixie Tran #137. Our relationship is a really unique one. We spend every minute together making random sounds at each other to see who sounds weirder. ASR is not just a sorority that widened my social network, they are my second family that I will never regret or forget my experiences within this amazing sorority. Each sister inspires me in some way: big or small and I've learned that no matter how bad things look, you should always take the high road. I’m only a neo that crossed Spring ’13 but I've learned so much from my big, my family line, and my sisters in such a small period of time that it’s made me more social, more confident, and more open about my opinions. Xianelle Consunji from our Delta Colony said, “Sisterhood was never meant to be a stereotype about college and how to grow into a certain individual, rather, it was meant to teach us how to be inspirations to each other and how to be compassionate in our love for creating a true culture of love and acceptance.” I’m able to relate to each word in that quote and hopefully I'm able to pass it on to the next generation of neos and my future little.

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