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Since our founding in 1998, Alpha Sigma Rho has expanded to twelve universities and has hundreds of active and alumnae sisters across the globe. Our organization has grown from a group of twelve women with a mission to spread sisterhood and Asian-awareness, to a strong organization that still embraces our founding mission. Above all else, we cherish that we have each other to call sisters. Since our establishment, Alpha Sigma Rho has included sisters of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We still endeavor to promote Asian awareness, but we understand that Asian heritage is not a requirement to promote it. We treasure and cherish the differences in our sisters by being respectful, true, and committed to one another. We never leave a sister behind because we share more than just letters and traditions; we share dreams, goals, and a lasting sisterhood that has survived the ages. We are about empowering womanhood, experiencing new adventures with sisters, and building long-lasting friendships.

Interested in joining Alpha Sigma Rho?

Find a chapter near you here or view our upcoming expansions to bring Alpha Sigma Rho to your campus here.

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